Meet the team


 "We are dedicated to spreading positivity, encouragement, and motivation to the world one t-shirt and tumbler at a time."


Keene Joseph
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Keene Joseph is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Love on a Shirt, LLC. Keene has always been interested in creative ways to spread positivity and change into the lives of people. With the help and advice from family members and friends, Keene has taken her first leap in reaching that goal with the launch of her T-Shirt boutique, Love on a Shirt, LLC. Through Love on a Shirt, LLC, Keene hopes to ignite and excite purpose and potential from within.       

"Nothing excites me more than helping someone discover their purpose in life and watch them run away with it..."

Aside from the start of her T-Shirt boutique, Keene is in the process of launching several other projects, with one of them being the debut of her YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel will consist of videos that discusses ways to have a better relationship with yourself and others. Her YouTube channel will also contain short films and web series that she has written, produced, and started in.

"Acting, writing, and filming has always been my first love; it comes naturally for me. I am excited to finally get to share what I've been working on."

Look forward to Keene Joseph and Love on a Shirt, LLC being a household name.

Sallam Still
Executive Vice President

Sallam Still is a full time wife, mother of two, and a teacher who has a passion for education as well as have an eye for design and all things crafty.

As the Executive Vice President of Love on a Shirt, LLC, Sallam brings an extra flair to the company. With her overseeing the ClassyCupsbyMrsStill collection, she is sure to help catapult Love on a Shirt, LLC to the next level.

“I hope to see LOAS (Love on a Shirt, LLC) grow to more than just a local “t-shirt” boutique. We want to motivate and inspire people all over the globe so they can use their creativity and gifts that God has given them to reach the nations.”

Timothy Still
Vice President

Timothy Still is a full time husband, father of 2 boys and an Evidence Consultant for Florida Courthouses. Timothy has a passion for cooking and creating. He enjoys sports, gaming, traveling and spending time with family.

Tim wanted to start a clothing line because he did not see any Christian clothing lines for men and he wanted something to make men of God feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time. Overseeing the Kingly Apparel collection, he will surely accomplish that.

“I want Love On A Shirt to capture Believers of God and Non Believers with our creative expressions from our products and messages. A new wave is coming so get ready!"